A major update provides superior powder coating services in Orlando. The powder coating room at A.M. Metal has new floors and new operating controls! We jackhammered the old floor, removed it and had new concrete pumped in to give the floor a smoother finish. The floor is now laser level and perfectly smooth.

Superior Powder Coating Provided to Customers

This powder coating room update will allow us to move our carts around with less vibration. Additionally, products do not fall off the cart or parts come off the racks/fixtures while moving them. Less vibration helps us put out a better powder coated product.

We also rebuilt our 20’ X 10’ X 10’ oven. All new burners, controllers, insulation and digital readers were replaced with the most advanced equipment in the industry. This will help A.M. Metal Finishing create other superior processes including Teflon coating.

While these improvements and updates were capital intensive, it is well worth it. We now have one of the most advanced powder coating operations in Florida! This was all done so that we could put the best possible powder coating (as well as other coatings) on for our customers.

Contact A.M. Metal for Your Next Powder Coating Order

For your next powder coating project, be sure to contact us. Trust A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. for a smooth superior powder coating finish, made possible because of our new floors and equipment.