Silver: QQ-S-365D



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Minimum thickness of .0005” unless otherwise specified. White matte to very bright in appearance. Good corrosion resistance, depending on the base metal. Will tarnish easily. Hardness varies from about 90 Brinnell to about 135 Brinnell, depending on the process and plating conditions. Solderability is excellent, but deteriorates with age.

Excellent electrical conductor. Has excellent lubricity and smear characteristics for anti-galling uses on static seals, bushing, etc. Stress relieve steel parts at a minimum 375°F ± 25°F or more prior to cleaning and plating if they contain or are suspected of having damaging residual tensile stresses. Embrittlement relieve all steel parts Rc 40 and above at 375° ± 25°F for three (3) hours within four (4) hours of plating. Increasing use in both decorative and engineering fields, including electrical and electronic fields.

Type I: Matte

Type II: Semi-bright.

Type III: Bright

Grade A: Chromate post-treatment to improve tarnish resistance.

Grade B: No supplementary treatment.