Rhodium: MIL-R-46085B



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Metallic and similar to stainless steel in color. Excellent corrosion resistance. Almost as hard as chromium. Very good abrasion resistance. Thicker coatings are very brittle. High reflectivity. Parts having hardness of Rc 33 or above shall be baked at 375°F for three (3) hours prior to cleaning. Parts having hardness of Rc 40 and above shall be baked within four (4) hours after plating at 375°F for three (3) hours.

Type I: Over nickel, silver, gold or platinum

Type II: Over other metals, requires nickel undercoat.

Class 1: .000002” minimum thickness. Used on silver for tarnish resistance.

Class 2: .00001” minimum thickness.

Class 3: .00002” minimum thickness. Applications range from electronics to nose cones or wherever wear, corrosion resistance, solderability and reflectivity are important.

Class 4: .00010” min. thickness.

Class 5: .00025” min. thickness.