Gold: MIL-G-45204C



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Gold is by far the most popular elemental metal; and gold plating follows suit. Functional, practical and effective. Superior corrosion resistance and spectacular aesthetics. Yellow to orange color depending on proprietary process used. Ranges from matte to bright finish depending on basis material and type, grade and class of gold used. Brightness of under plating will also affect appearance. Excellent corrosion resistance and high tarnish resistance. Provides low contact resistance, and is an excellent conductor. Gold has excellent solderability. If the hardness grade for the gold coating is not specified, Type I shall be furnished at hardness Grade A, and Type II shall be furnished at hardness Grade C. For soldering, a thin high purity soft gold coating is preferred. A minimum thickness of .000050” and a maximum thickness of .00010” shall be plated.


Type I: 99.7% gold minimum (Grades A, B, or C)

Type II: 99.0% gold minimum ( Grades B, C, or D)

Type III: 99.9% gold minimum (Grade A only).


Grade A: 90 Knoop maximum

Grade B: 91-129 Knoop

Grade C: 130-200 Knoop

Grade D: 201 Knoop and over


Class 00: .0002” min. thickness

Class 0: .00003” min. thickness

Class 1: .00005” min. thickness

Class 2: .00010” min. thickness

Class 3: .00020” min. thickness

Class 4: .00030” min. thickness

Class 5: .00050” min. thickness

Class 6: .00150” min. thickness