Cadmium: QQ-P-416F



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Type I: As plated.

Type II: Supplementary chromate treatment. Type II plating shall not show white corrosion products od cadmium, pitting, or basis metal corrosion products at the end of 96 hours (20%) salt spray exposure per the following table:

Salt-Spray Test

Type Class Test period for white corrosion products (hours)

Type II 1 96



Unless otherwise specified, chromate treatment required for Type II is distinctly colored iridescent bronze to brown including olive drab, yellow and forest green.

Type III: Supplementary phosphate treatment. Type III shall conform to Type I of TT-C-490. Type III is used as a paint base.

Class 1: .0005” minimum thickness.

Class 2: .0003” minimum thickness, additional thickness requirements are given in paragraph 3.3.1 amendment 2 of this specification.

Class 3: .0002” minimum thickness.