RoHS Compliance

Statement Regarding RoHS Compliance

A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. has been monitoring the events concerning the RoHS legislation being developed in the European Union from the beginning. The metal finishing industry is always on alert as new ecological concerns come to light. Along with our suppliers we have led the way in finding safe, effective and economical substitutes for our planet’s ecology.

The main focus for A.M. Metal Finishing, Inc. was researching a viable substitute finish on aluminum parts that have traditionally called for an Iridite finish using Hexavalent Chrome to impart a corrosive resistant coating. At the present time the substances banned in the RoHS documents mention only Hexavalent Chrome (CR 6), however, research has yet to develop a viable Trivalent Chrome (CR 3) Iridite for aluminum. It is for this reason that the finishing industry has focused on the development of a totally Chrome Free process as a substitute.

Having researched and investigated many new products and processes, A. M. Metal Finishing, Inc. has opted to go with one of the largest and most respected chemical suppliers on the international scene today: MacDermid Inc. It is the leader in many types of chemical processes in use today. Founded in Waterbury, Connecticut in 1922, MacDermid has both the research and development and technical services unequaled in the industry. It is for these reasons, along with a personal knowledge and relationship spanning over forty years, that we are confident in our choice of a new MacDermid product called Iridite NCP.

Iridite NCP is innovative Non-Chrome passivation treatment for Aluminum Alloys, which applies a highly resistant conversion coating ideally suited to painting, powder or polymer coating. Iridite NCP contains no hazardous substances, making it an ideal choice for RoHS compliance.

We at A. M. Metal Finishing, Inc. sincerely hope to be of service to your company with all your finishing needs. Please feel free to call or write us for additional information on many of our processes.

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