A.M. Metal Finishing prides itself in being one of the best metal platers, specializing in new Teflon coating finishes. We routinely participate in employee training. This helps us to achieve a high level of service. Earlier this year we invited a product information specialist to inform our staff of the new technologies regarding Teflon coatings.

New Teflon Coating Training

Paul, a product information specialist, instructs A.M. Metal Finishing about new Teflon coating finishes.

Did You Know?

There are over 200 types of Teflon products. These products offer our customers a lot of options! By participating in this training, we can meet the needs of our customers better. Specifically, we are able to determine if a new Teflon coating is more efficient, easier to apply and therefore cheaper.

A.M. Metal Finishing applies new Teflon coating products supplied to us by Intech Services Inc. These products are either wet-sprayed, powder coated or dipped onto various metal surfaces, such as aluminum, carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, and magnesium. Some non-metallic surfaces also are capable of having Teflon (also referred to as PTFE – polytetrafluoroethylene) applied. These surfaces include glass, fiberglass and some rubber and plastic materials.

We use a lot of Teflon non-stick FDA approved products in the culinary industry. This ensures that food particles don’t stick to the pans or containers, such as frying pans, baking pans, pizza pans, pancake molds, and many other commercial kitchen supplies. Additionally, we have fulfilled orders for new Teflon coating finishes for ice chutes, wheat hoppers, forming molds, clothes dryer tumbler plates, inside of pipes that handle corrosive chemicals, nuts and bolts and many more.

Adding New Teflon Coating Techniques to Other Finishes

Furthermore, we also impregnate Teflon into Hardcoat Anodizing so that it adds lubricity to this metal finish. This improves abrasion resistance and toughness. Nevertheless, the fluoroplastic properties retain their low friction and nonstick character. When our customers don’t want anything to stick to the metal or want to reduce friction allowing products to slide faster over metal, a new Teflon coating could very well be the solution they are seeking.

If you have a new application we can help you select the best coating for your product. If you have an existing application we can select an improved new Teflon coating, if desired. One of our goals is to provide you outstanding quality and service. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the application of coatings for military, aerospace, waterworks, and industrial applications. We can certify to most company and military specifications.

Finally, call us at 407-843-0182, fill out our contact form, or fill in our online estimate form. We’re ready to serve you as your go-to metal plater and finisher in Central Florida and beyond.