Selective Masking

[protecting areas from various coatings]

A.M. Metal Finishing:

  • Maintain close tolerances
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Process will be monitored
  • Dedicated finishing team

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Selective Masking Services in Orlando

Selective Masking or Precision Masking is the process of protecting areas from various coatings. Masking is also called a stop-off application. If a defined area of a part’s surface is to be void of a finish, selective masking will prevent that surface from exposure, stopping it from being finished or exposed. Masking may be employed in dry and wet processes, including Powder CoatingThermoplastic Coatings, Anodizing, Chem Film, Black OxideAbrasive Blasting and other finishing processes.

Experienced operators at A.M. Metal Finishing utilize a variety of masking devices. By doing so, this procedure ensures the mask to be effective. Attention to detail makes our masking department superior when it comes to selective masking services in Orlando.

If you have parts requiring Selective Masking or if you need more information, please contact us.

Selective Masking Services

  • Maintain close tolerances
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Process will be monitored
  • Dedicated finishing team

Fun Fact

Masking methods fall into permanent and temporary categories. Temporary masks include waxes, tapes, paints, etc. Permanent masks are designed to conform to a specific area and are made of materials that resist chemicals so they can be used over and over. Each method has advantages and disadvantages – no one method is suitable for all stop-off operations.

Did You Know?

Selective masking may be utilized to limit anodic coatings to specific areas or to apply multiple anodic coatings over the same part. For example, an aluminum part may be type II anodized in one area and type III anodized in another.

A.M. Metal Finishing offers many varieties of precision masking. Contact us at 407-843-0182 if you need guidance in regard to Selective Masking services in Central Florida.

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