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Laser Engraving 

Laser engraving and marking is a new and modern technique to imprint numbers, letters, logos, and symbols into a wide range of materials.  Here at AM Metal Finishing our laser experts can perform most any engraving or marking job big or small.  Our laser emits a high powered beam that removes small bits of the material to create a desired design.  The laser is controlled by our state of the art computer that controls the beam on an axis which can reproduce virtually any image with great detail.

Laser Engraving and Marking Benefits

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The biggest advantage to laser engraving is the accuracy.  The computer controlled laser is highly suitable to reproduce images many times so there is no flaws within identical parts.  Lasers also do not have parts that need to be replaced often.  This avoids impurities in the engraving.  One last big advantage is that parts do not have to be strapped or held down, which avoids damaging the parts during process.

Why choose AM Metal Finishing for your laser needs?

Simple, save money and receive quality!  By choosing us for your engraving needs you will save money and time with less shipping along with bundling prices.  Get your desired engraving and marking needs along with our other quality processes done in one place, on one bill!  Our quality standards will always be met as usual.