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Advantages of Electropolishing

Mechanical finishing systems tend to smear, bend, stress and even fracture the crystalline metal surface to achieve smoothness or luster. Electro polishing removes surface metal in a unidirectional pattern that is both stress- and occlusion-free, microscopically smooth and often highly reflective.

Plus, improved corrosion resistance and passivity are achieved on many ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Electro polishing micro- and macro-polishes metal. Micro-polishing accounts for brightness and macro-polishing accounts for the smoothness of the metal part.

De burring is accomplished quickly. The current density is higher on the burr while oxygen shields the valleys, enabling the constant exposure of the burr tip.

There is no metal embrittlement imparted to the part because the metal part is bathed in oxygen. Electro polishing acts like a stress-relief anneal by removing Hydrogen from the surface, an important consideration for parts placed under torque.

Bacteria cannot multiply successfully on a surface devoid of Hydrogen. Electro polishing is the ideal process for medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food-processing equipment and parts.

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